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About Me

Jeffrey, a freelance photographer and writer based in Singapore

What started out as a hobby back in 2012, with just a camera phone, would slowly led to me buying my first DSLR, and learning from scratch on how to operate it. Fast forwarding it to 2015, where I began shooting for a start up that sells home cooked food online. This was the beginning of my freelance career specializing in food photography, whereby some of my clients were UberEats, YummyBank, Quandoo, Deliveroo, GrabFood and including individual restaurants and cafes whereby I have met along the way.  Overall, I have shot for 150+ restaurants/cafes and counting.

Photography isn't just about clicking the button, its a craft, from art direction to styling to editing and maintaining good customer/client relationships. 

Apart from food photography, I have work freelance on other numerous projects such as being an in-house photographer for a gym called The Brave Shapes, interior photography for AirBnb and 99.co as well as lifestyle and fashion shoots for bloggers. 

I also had an interest in writing whereby I wrote articles and do media coverages for an online website called Shiok!SG and in 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo for a media trip representing a travel magazine.


I provide all forms of photography services such as pre-weddings, interior, fashion, lifestyle, travel and events. Do contact me if you require any services. I am always up for discussions and ideas.

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